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It’s good to know your tire size to help make an informed decision. It can be found in the owner’s manual, on the tire placard, which can be found on the driver’s doorjamb or in the glove compartment, and it can also be found on the tire sidewall.

Can’t find it? No problem, at Speedy we’ll help to make sure you get the right tire for your vehicle.

What do all those numbers mean? They indicate the size, type, construction, wheel rim diameter, height, load and speed rating of the tire recommended for your vehicle.

Passenger car tires also have a grade as part of the uniform tire quality grading system (UTQG). This information system provides tread wear, traction and temperature results based on government test procedures.
  Lets take a look at one of Speedy Muffler, Brake & Wheel’s most popular tire, the BFGoodrich Control Plus. For this exercise we have chosen the Control Plus P175/70R14 84S tire with a UTOG rating of 600 A B

P Passenger tire (LT for light truck)
175 Tire width in millimeters.
70 Height of the tire as a percent of the width of the tire. In this case it would be 175 x 75% = 131.25 mm. The smaller the height of the tire the wider the tire is.
R Represents the tire construction, which in this case means the tire is a radial construction.
14 The rim diameter in inches.
84 This number is the load index, which indicates the maximum amount of weight the tire is designed to support, in this case 500 kg.
S Represents the speed rating for the tire, which stands for the maximum safe driving speed for the tire. Speed ratings range from ìPî to ìYî, which represents 150 to 186 kilometers per hour.

600* Represents the tread wear designation. The higher the number, the longer the tire will last.
A* Is the traction rating of the tire. Tire traction is rated AA, A, B and C with AA being the highest rating.
B* Represents the tire temperature rating. ìAî means the tire has a high resistance to heat; ìBî means the tire has a medium resistance to heat and a ìCî index indicates the tire only meets the basic safety standard. Excessive heat buildup can cause the tire to wear out faster.
* UTOG (Passenger cars only)  

A Speedy Muffler, Brake & Wheel expert can help you make sense of
this information and help you pick the right tire for your driving needs.





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