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System Overview

Speedy Muffler, Brake & Wheel is the specialists in ride control. From shock absorbers to strut replacement you can count on a Speedy technician to provide the best solution to suit your driving needs and budget. We will also take the time to show you what’s right and what’s wrong and it will never cost you more than your estimate and we guarantee every part and service.

Did you know that your suspension wears out gradually and you may not notice any problems until the system fails? It is important to have the suspension system checked periodically to ensure your driving comfort and safety especially if your vehicle has been driven 80,000 km or more.

Why is it important to ensure your vehicle’s suspension is in good working order?

Your suspension system provides steering stability and maximizes yours and your passenger comfort. Worn suspension components may reduce stability of the vehicle and driver control as well as accelerate wear on other suspension components and tires.

Your suspension system performs six basic functions that allow you to steer:


  • Maintain correct vehicle height
  • Reduce the effects of bumps for a more comfortable ride
  • Maintain correct wheel alignment to lessen tire wear
  • Support vehicle weight
  • Keep tires in contact with the road for stability, braking and control
  • Control the vehicle's direction when moving

How do you know whether your suspension system may need servicing?

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You can depend on Speedy Muffler, Brake & Wheel for the best while you wait service, outstanding value and the assurance we stand behind what we do.

We encourage you to take the time to browse our site. Learn more about today's exhaust, brake and suspension systems and what the warning signs are when something needs servicing. There is an auto facts and tips section that will help you choose the right repair facility as well as valuable roadside tips.