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Thinking Green? Think Maximizer!


After years of research we have found an oil additive that reduces friction allowing you're engine to work the way it was intended to work. The result is...

Up to 10% better gas mileage, longer engine life, more power and reduced harmful emissions for a GREENER Canada.

Now you can have it all with Speedy's Maximizer special oil blend oil change and car care check-up.








You can depend on Speedy Muffler, Brake & Wheel for the best while you wait service, outstanding value and the assurance we stand behind what we do.

We encourage you to take the time to browse our site. Learn more about today's exhaust, brake and suspension systems and what the warning signs are when something needs servicing. There is an auto facts and tips section that will help you choose the right repair facility as well as valuable roadside tips.